Where to Find Great Used Fleet Trucks

Finding a great deal on used, lower mileage trucks can be a daunting task. For most contractors, jumping into a new truck or van isn’t always feasible. Here are several ways you can get into a low mileage, used fleet vehicle, for less!

Denver Used Car Broker – Shop 5280

Shop5280.com is a local resource created to connect Colorado residents with locally owned and operated businesses. Their auto guide includes vast resources to local auto brokers and dealers who specialize in locating lower mileage, high-value vehicles.

The Sharpest Rides

While most Coloradoans know The Sharpest Rides as a used car dealer who sells spiffed up cars, a little-known secret is they also carry a hefty amount of used fleet trucks and vans which can typically include some impressively low miles.

Denver Fleet Trucks

We haven’t personally used Denver Fleet Trucks but we’ve heard great things about them. If there’s one thing that they do, it’s fleet vehicles. Denver Fleet Rucks is owned by Stepelton Motors in Commerce City.

Your truck or van is your biggest asset. Don’t get stuck in something that won’t get you far down the road. Good luck, happy hunting and best of luck to your success!