Do I need to be home during a roof inspection?


Every homeowner is different and all have different preferences when it comes to being home for a
roofing material delivery, installation or inspection. One of the most common questions we receive at
Roofcorp of Metro Denver Roofing is simply, “Do I need to be home?” Let’s look at different parts of the roofing process to help you know if you’d like to remain around when they are taking place.

Do I need to be home during…?

The Initial Inspection

The initial inspection is when a project manager or roofing consultant comes out to inspect the roof.
They may climb on top of the roof and take measurements, examine the condition of the roof or look for
the individual characteristics of your roof, so do you need to be home? Likely you don’t. Many people do
like to be home during the initial inspection to discuss the state of their roof and possibly start talking
numbers. You don’t need to be home during the initial inspection but it is encouraged.

Material Delivery

After you have signed a contract you will have roofing materials delivered to your residence. So do you
need to be home? You do not for material delivery. It might even be easier if you are not home mainly
because many roofing supply companies like the driveway to be completely clear for material delivery.

The Roof Installation

So after you’ve signed up and received your materials it’s time for the big installation. So do you need to
be home? Again, the short answer is no. The roofing installation can be very noisy, messy and hectic. If
you want to watch the process than you have every right to but I would actually encourage homeowners
to leave for their own sake. If you want to be in the know it is better to meet and greet the crew and/or
your consultant, leave and come back closer to the finishing time.

Final Inspection

After the roof is done you will receive a final roofing inspection from your city. For the fourth time, you
do not need to be home for the final inspection. The inspector will likely leave a notice letting you know
your roof has passed its final or a correction notice. Your roofer may very well know the status of your
final inspection before you even arrive home.

In short, you do not need to be home during any portion of the roofing process. You should try to
remain home for the initial inspection and try to get out during the actual installation. Decide what is
the most comfortable for yourself!