Can I Install Solar Panels in The Winter?

If you get sun more often than clouds, you’re probably curious about installing solar power like panels or solar shingles on your roof. Solar panels have become much more available and affordable to the everyday homeowner which has led to solar residential power being more popular than ever. Unfortunately, you can’t install panels on any roof and any environment – but what about cold environments?

Let’s learn if installing solar panels in the cold is feasible and any extra steps you need to take before setting up your own personal solar system.

If you live in a cold environment there’s good news, not only can you install solar panels in the winter – they tend to work better. Solar panels are full of intricate electronics and like all electronics, they tend to work more efficiently if they’re cool. A cool winter day won’t greatly increase your panel’s capacity to produce power, but it won’t hinder it and you could see a small boost. Unless you’re in Antarctica you don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of solar panels in cold environments.

Drawbacks of Solar Panels in Cold Environment

The number one drawback of solar panels in the winter is snow on your panels. Panels need direct access to sunlight to produce energy. If your panels are covered in snow you have nothing but fancy pieces of electronics up on your roof that won’t produce power.

In order to get panels producing again, homeowners will have to brush the panels off. On a low-slope one-story roof this might not be a big deal, but brushing snow can get very dangerous on a steep or high roof. Homeowners who install panels on steep roofs will have to deal with inefficient power if they’re unable to get the recommended sunlight.

If the cold doesn’t produce a lot of throughout the year there’s no sense in panels. Panels that are constantly covered in snow, don’t receive enough sunlight, or that can only be installed in low-light areas of the roof are simply not worth it. A local solar company can help determine if your roof is suitable for panels.

Have no fear if you live in a cold environment, solar panels and shingles work very well in cold temperatures but snow can hinder their efficiency. The best way to figure out if solar is right for you is by talking to local solar Denver roofers.